For those unable to attend today’s meeting, we had a lot of good information disbursed. There were a total of 21 people on the Zoom.
President Goggin started the meeting by introducing our speaker, Anthony Gonzalez, our Congressman representing the 16th district.
Congressman Gonzalez addressed the Covid issue and how they are addressing in Washington. He shared that as he sees it, the three segments most affected are working moms, small business and the already vulnerable. He shared that it is imperative that they pass another relief package to help those people. He then spent about 15 minutes answering questions. We are truly fortunate to have such an intelligent, articulate young man representing us.
Scott read a letter from Gary DiLillo thanking everyone for supporting last week’s golf outing. He stated that if was our most successful outing to date, raising in excess of $13,000 for our club.
Pat reminded everyone that the Rose sale takes place this Friday.  We currently have around 150 dozen committed, leaving another 50 to sell. We are still waiting to hear from 11 Rotarians for their orders. Roses will be distributed at Jim’s office in Bay Village on Friday, October 16th from 9-1.
Andrew gave an update on Jack Young. He has been in the hospital for approximately 6 weeks and has had two different surgeries. He expects to be in for at least two more weeks. Please continue to keep Jack in your prayers. Jack always appreciates hearing from Rotarians. You can contact him at:
Jack Young
Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
Floor 5A Room 115
10701 East Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44106
I hope you noticed the change in Scott’s email this week. Rather than just emailing the agenda, he is now sending a newsletter with all the pertinent information for the meeting, including the link to access the zoom. In case you miss it, the link is the same every week.
Hope to see more members attending our weekly meeting.
It was good to see some people in person at the golf outing that we have been missing. We are going to try to have pop up events in the future to keep some face to face contact.