Rotary Meeting Highlights 10-28-2020
For those who were unable to attend the meeting, here are some highlights.  It was a board meeting and minutes were taken for all of the board discussion and business.  Those will be sent out separately.
Andrew provided an update on Jack Young (Rotarian from our district who started the Shoebox program in our district) . He is still in the VA hospital, but is feeling better and recovering from surgeries.  Due to the pandemic, he has not been able to have any visitors and would welcome emails or zoom calls. We are hoping to have him join one of our meetings soon.   If anyone would like to reach out to Jack, his email is and mailing address: 
            Jack Young
            Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
            Floor 5A Room 115
            10701 East Blvd
            Cleveland, OH 44106
Andrew solicited feedback from the members regarding our annual Christmas shopping/gifts for local families in need.  We decided to hold a wrapping event at the library as a club in-person gathering for a small group.  If you are interested in participating, contact Andrew.  More details will be forthcoming once we have been assigned a family.
Kevin Walker shared a fundraising idea he used with Kiwanis.  You can use Facebook to set up a fundraising campaign for 501c-3s, like the Corley foundation.  The link with details on setting up a fundraising campaign:
Joe Kraft had the best bit of advice of the day if the weather is getting you down as it was me: “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing”.  So, I am writing this outside wearing my down coat and sitting under my patio heater.