The Rotary Club of Westlake-Bay Village held its monthly Board meeting March 24, 2021 via Zoom conference call. The meeting was called to order by President Scott Goggin at 7:33 AM
In virtual attendance:
President Scott Goggin, Pat Graham, Andrew Mangels, Terri Speck, Joe Hudak, Ray Glinka, Doug Lawton, Michael O’Donnell, Bob Maver, Jeff Appel, and Jim Strunk. Also, in attendance were Holly Schafer, Herb Hoppe, Joe Kraft, John Hanna, and Tim Smith. Harriet Russell joined as a guest. A quorum was present.
Scott opened the meeting with a prayer, the pledge and the Four Way Test and welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance.
Secretary’s Report:  Ray moved and Terri second to approve the minutes of the February meeting. Motion carries.
Treasurer’s Report: There was no Treasurer’s report presented for February. New Treasurer Bob Maver reported that he and Doug N. went to Citizen’s Bank to sign new signature cards. Once Jim Strunk goes and signs, the changes will be effective.
Terri and Scott reported on the Four-Way Speech contest that will take place this evening at 5:00 pm. Everything is in place with the technology for the Zoom meeting. The judges are in place, Terri will serve as Emcee and Holly is the timekeeper. Terri sent a link to all members to attend the contest. All Rotarians are welcome to attend but will be admitted as observers and will not show up in the screen tiles. Thanks to all for putting this together.
The necessary forms have been signed naming Pat Graham as the new statutory agent for the Club.
There being no further business, Terri moved and Joe second to adjourn at 7:48.